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Today, I believe in myself and my culture. I will always continue to build on the work of my ancestors because that will lead me into the rewards of tomorrow. It is easy for me because listen to the beat of the drum which leads me onward in search of fulfilling my dreams. Drumming soothed my mind and healed my spirit!

I, Kenneth Brown II was born in Champaign, Illinois and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I come from a very culturally enriched household. Raised around Yoruba tradition, I was taught to drum during traditional rituals as well as give back to my lineage and culture. During My childhood, I was trained by Ko Thi Dance Company under the leadership of Ferne Caulker. Also having opportunities to work with Manolapo Dance Troup led by Steve Willis and Ajula Dance Troup led by Lucky Diop. I was able to train, perform and travel abroad with Nefertari African Dance Company under the leadership of Sarah Lee Grant. He was also one of the selected artist to perform in the opening preimer of the disney classic; "The Lion King". Keep in mind during all this time I was writing raps...

Participating in lots of community engagement activities as a child mixed with lots of situations over the years is what has developed My adult career as a community organizer. After working with multiple non-profits around the state of Wisconsin and being the leader I was born to naturally be; I decided to partner with some other young artist and form a non-profit organization. I was actually the first Executive Director of Ina Onilu Drum and Dance Ensemble. Still writing and recording hip hop music!


    I have a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. I am destined to walk in my purpose as spiritual leader and benevolent King. When I was a young child growing up, my mom was always searching for ways to reach and teach my highly energetic spirit especially after we went from being a whole family unit to becoming a single-mother, fatherless family form. It was a drastic change that I am sure my mother never wanted for us. She decided we needed to set new goals, face new challenges and prepare for new horizons.Not long after life’s journey began, we as a family discovered drumming, we discovered a time for healing . During my youthful years, I struggled to be the best possible me no matter how good I was, I knew that I could become better. During my adolescent times, the call of the wild turned me away from my passion for music and African Culture. My life was on a self-destructive path, my mental and physical health were damaged. As a young man, I fed my mind Knowledge, my body Strength; my spirit Faith and survived that rites of passage through my family's prayers. During this time I also found a passion for writing Hip Hop music.  Over the years, I’ve learned that thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions are in an enduring dance with each other; and the art of drumming brings out the best in my mind, body and spirit. Why not infuse the two? Where there is healing, there is hope. And I always had hope!

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Representation for Perfect414
Recording Label

Prosperity Movement Music 

Ori Entertainment & Development Group
Milwaukee | Orlando | Atlanta | Las Vegas | Oakland | Tanzania | Ibadan 


Management & Bookings

Awosade Ogunjobi / Adimu Madyun
404-960-1983 ||


In 2018 I decided to branch off into fashion, creating my own clothing line called IBEJI Clothing Company. This clothing company is tied into the artistry of Perfect414 and my continued dedication to push traditional african culture thru hip hop. I dedicated this clothing line to my children.

The development of Perfect's Omolu Hot Sauce comes from hearing everyone talk about how they "Got The Sauce"! So I got creative and decided to create a sauce that would represent my energy. June 2018 Omolu Hot Sauce was born in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.  

OMOLU actually translates to "Torchure". It comes from the traditional Yoruba language. Most words from the Yoruba language has multiple meanings. When we decided to use the name it was taught that the word OMOLU was directly connected with Sango and Babaluaye (Two powerful Gods within the Yoruba traditions that are appeased with some of the ingredients in this sauce. 

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